Involved in the development of hard & soft goods, including snow/skate apparel, accessories, boots, boards, bindings & hardware. Design work includes packaging, editorial, social & printed marketing materials, video production, graphics & iconography.

Venture Snowboards - Split Board 14/15
Trapper Snowboars URSA MAJOR board
Desert Skate Ranch / Redbull Skate - Sum
Ursa Major - Trapper Snowboards
LP Snowboarding Boot
LP Snowboard Boot
L2R Abstract Board
LP Superior Line technical pack
LP Techical Pack
Aurora Projekt - Orca Bear
2008 GNU Billygoat Board
Snowboy World Tour 2019 - Graphics
Holy-Oly Revival 2008
LP / Dragon Goggles Collab
LP / Dragon Goggles Collab
LP / Dragon Goggles Collab
Mothership window wrap/decals
Snowbird 40th Anniversary Art
L2R Abstract Board
Snowbird Resort 40th Anniversary Art
SOTA Volcom Transfers
WSSF Volcom Trucker Art
Volcom Heat Transfers
Baselayer sample
Abstract - L2R Snowboards
Baldface Lodge Print Ad / Artwork
Mothership Social Media Ad
Trapper Snowboards URSA MAJOR
Ursa Major - Trapper Snowboards
L2R Snowing Buckets Artwork
Levitation Project - Vehicle Wrap
Royal Boardshop Vehicle Wrap
OBJ F1 Snowboarding Wax
MC Kink Artwork
Lib-Tech MC Kink
D-Day Chris Roach Pro-Model
Picture 4
Lib-Tech MC Kink Pro-Model
Venture Snowboards
Levitation Gorilla Marketing
3AM LP Beanies
"Solar Flare" L2R Impression Artwork
Swag Image
White Room Printing
Levitation Project sticker sheet
Pillows for Days
Northwest Snowboards Artwork
Printing in the White Room
Snowbird Resort 40th Anniversary Art
LP "Greed" Avatar
LP Wyatt Caldwell, athlete artwork
LP Alyeska Camp poster
LP Sticker Sheet
OBJ 4WD Wax & packaging
LP Romain DeMarchi poster art
Oneballjay F1 Wax
LP Alyeska Camp Poster
LP Brant Moles touring poster
LP Softgoods / Apparel
Superior Line print ad
Oneballjay 4WD Wax & Packaging
Oneballjay print ad
Shark Logo / Truckers
White Room Printing setup
Chronic Snowboards Cheever Pro-model
LP Vehicle Wrap
LP Levitating Hoodie
CoLAB stacked logo
OneballJay Aqua-Grip Wax
LP Vehicle Wrap
WSSF Artist's Showing
Mountain Illustration
LP Wax and Packaging Design
CoLAB Skate Series 1
Chronic Skis
Logo for Colab Skate
Detail Shot of Chris Roach Model

D-Day Snowboards

Artwork for Venture Snowboards
Facemasks for HMShop
Vehicle Wrap for Royal Board Shop
LP Basic Truckers
LP Balaclava - Core Series
LP Wax packaging and design
LP Avatar
Baphomet mural in the Mothership
Media artwork for WR Artist Showing